Travelling must do’s in Southeast Asia

The must do’s when traveling in Southeast Asia

Do eat street food!

Everyone will probably tell you not to, but you’re really missing out on a big part of Southeast Asia then. Street food is the soul of Southeast Asia and there’s not many places where you won’t bump into a few barbecues. Before you eat it, make sure it’s properly cooked and that the place at least looks somewhat hygienic. Perhaps read some reviews about this place (if there are any) or see if it seems popular amongst locals.

Do travel to Vietnam!

It’s by far one of the most intriguing counties in Southeast Asia and shouldn’t be missed! The country is also one of the most affordable in Southeast Asia so it’s perfect for those backpackers that’s coming with a smaller budget. Even if you are ready to fully splurge, Vietnam’s the perfect country to do so.

Do rent a motorbike

Renting or buying a motorbike is one of the best ways to travel around in Southeast Asia. This way, you’ll get to see all the hidden gems, you’ll be able to drive through villages and really get to see the “real” life of locals. But only drive a motorbike if you have a license and feel absolutely safe doing so.

Do go to Koh Rong Samloem

The islands outside of Sihanoukhville, Cambodia has become a favorite amongst travelers and it’s not hard to see why. White sand beaches, turquoise water, palm trees, jungles and great food – what more could you want? Unlike its neighboring island Koh Rong, Samloem is a bit more chill and calm, although you can find a few fire shows and bars here as well. Head to M’Pai Bay for some hippie vibes, beautiful sunsets and some of the best falafels ever (surprising, right!).

Do visit the national parks

Even if it’s tempting to stay in the cities, don’t forget that Southeast Asia has some of the most stunning landscapes in the entire world! There’s national parks left and right that you need to pay a visit to. For example, Thailand’s Khao Sok National Park is stunningly beautiful and not many travelers find their way there because they’ve escaped to the islands. But for the ones who do go there, they’ll be rewarded with some of Mother Nature’s finest pieces of art.

Do dare to venture off the beaten track

Southeast Asia is known to be a safe travel destination and perhaps what’s why it attracts so many backpackers. It’s easy and fun to travel around in this part of the world and that’s one of the many pros of going here. So therefore, do dare to go somewhere where not many tourists travel to. Dare to get off the beaten track and spend time with the locals. It’s one of the best ways to truly get to know a country, by living with the locals and talking to them.

Do have fun!

This is always the most important thing when you’re traveling – have fun! You’re spending your precious time and money to do this so don’t forget to enjoy every moment. When things go wrong, don’t let it get to you. Instead, laugh it away with a cold beer! It’ll feel much better than moping around.

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Eating out in Berlin

Best vegan restaurants in Berlin

Are you heading to Berlin soon and want to find the best places to eat vegan food? Then you’ll be happy to know that there’s plenty of them! Berlin is a world famous destination for vegans because there’s so many places to go to. It’s even called the “vegan capital” of Europe! Berlin prides itself of being it as well and you’ll even see in meat based restaurants that they’ll serve vegan food. As more and more people are starting to eat a plant based diet, the demands for it are becoming higher and you can especially see it here in Berlin.

But since there’s so many vegan restaurants, it can be a bit difficult to choose. So that’s why I created this list of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin and where you can find them. Happy eating!


Kopps is the perfect place for a weekend brunch. The food is healthy, fresh and so delicious. Their brunch buffet is filled with salads, vegan cheese, vegan meat, freshly baked bread, pasta, potatoe salad and all kinds of delicious things. Don’t forget to try their sweets as well! The restaurant is all vegan and the brunch costs 18€. If you’re not in town during brunch, you can always just head there to try their lunch and dinner menu.


If you’re a fan of asian food, you’ll love soy. It’s an all vegan restaurant where you can eat “asian tapas” – yepp, it’s a thing! The prices are fair too and the location is perfect, just right by Alexanderplatz. Try to book a table or get there in good time, it usually gets quite crowded.


If you can’t make it to Israel, then Israel will come to you! Kanaan is an Israeli restaurant where you can indulge in all kinds of hummus, salads and falafels. The food feels very authentic, the vibe is great and the staff are lovely. This is one of my favorite spots in Berlin and you can tell both foreigners and locals love it! There’s always people in there that wants a bowl of freshly made hummus.

House of small wonder

The only restaurant on this list that’s not entirely vegan, but it’s definitely worth mentioning this little gem. The restaurants interior and atmosphere makes it worth coming here, but it also helps that the food tastes fantastic. There are some vegan options here though, but most of it isn’t. Unfortunately. Still, it’s worth coming here to try some of the few vegan options they have on their menu. As a vegan, I’d gladly go back to this restaurant.

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Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg in 1 day

Rushing your trip is never fun, but sometimes we don’t have more time to spare. I only had a few hours in Hamburg before departing to Berlin and instead of just sitting still, I decided to bring my baggage with me and walk around the city. And I’m so happy I did! Hamburg is one of the most beautiful German cities and even has more canals than Amsterdam! Even though it’s incredibly picturesque, it’s still a very underrated European city. There were tourists there, but not nearly as many as in Berlin for example. Which was a big plus, to be honest.

There’s tons of vegan eateries here since the trend has catched up in Hamburg too. If you look on the app “Happy Cow” you’ll find vegan and vegetarian restaurants all over Hamburg. Although there were so many options, I wanted to find a place with good reviews and that was a bit closer to the city center. So I started my day having breakfast in one of the most popular places “Mamalicious”, a mere 20 minute walk away from Reeperbahn (also known as the red light district). The cafe was full and although I did have to wait a bit longer than I had wished, the food made up for it. You can tell a place is good when people are willing to queue for a long time!

After I had a filling breakfast, I made my way to downtown by foot. I didn’t really feel the need to check out Reeperbahn more thoroughly, so I headed straight to Speicherstadt and Nicholaifleet, the two must visit places in Hamburg. That’s where all the pretty canals are situated and where the classic Hamburg photos are taken. But along the way, I got a glimpse into the locals lives. People were sitting outside having coffee in the sun, they were walking their dogs and chatting away with their friends. I think I enjoyed the walk from Mamalicious to downtown more than the actual downtown.

Once I had made my way there, I only had an hour before I had to catch my bus. So I sat in the sun, bought a coffee and did like the locals – I just sat and enjoyed the city. I wish there was more time, but I’m convinced I’ll be back. But if you only have a few hours to spare like me, just head out there and don’t waste your time sitting and waiting. Hamburg is a hidden gem in Europe and it won’t stay like this for long. So go get moving to Hamburg. You might even be surprised and like it more than Berlin.